Saturday, August 16, 2008

Invest in Workplace Trainers

We are often called upon to create custom curriculum and train the trainer materials for corporate clients - an exciting challenge to marry subject matter expertise and our expertise in instructional and curriculum science, but the greatest challenge on these kinds of projects often lies in the roll out process.

We design the curriculum and meet with the client for the Train the Trainer - and instead of wanting us to focus on developing the instructional techniques of their staff trainers - they want the focus to be on a page by page review of the material! The reality is corporate trainers need professional development too!

Trainers who are pressured to perform without professional development often end up just doing what they have always done, just to get the class (job) done. No adapting to unique learner needs, no adding creative sparks, no modifying delivery according to latest brain research.

Workplace trainers can't be expected to naturally know how to lead a discussion so learners talk to each other and not the teacher, they can't naturally know when a participant feels marginalized and needs to be brought back in and they don't naturally know how to be wrong in front of their group - a sometimes necessary reality that has to be handled well.

One of our recent curriculum clients seems to be getting it right - not only were we able to deliver a Train the Trainer focusing on training skills and not solely the content of the new program, she has regular check in meetings with these new workplace trainers and is instituting a buddy program for first time delivery. Ahhhh... success.

Consider taking a page from their book when rolling our your new curriculum.

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