Friday, June 27, 2008

Learner as empty vessel? No way! They are filled to the brim!

Ever have a training day when it just seemed like nothing you were doing was working? Maybe you had "sleepers" or "chatters" or the preoccupied. You tried, you retried, you adjusted and tried again.......Well here is the good news....

After checking YOUR efforts first (did you use active learning techniques, was your approach multi modal"? etc.) it may turn out to be your learners. The revolt is at hand. New research shows that more and more adults are coming to our corporate classrooms already overloaded, overstimulated and just plain tired. They have our information already but can't apply it, they know our strategies but don't have the authority to make changes, their work sits and waits for them at the end of the class day. What they are telling us is THEY JUST CAN'T TAKE ANY MORE.

But, we are just the messengers, what can we do....?

Stay tuned over the summer as we identify some strategies for calming the learner revolt and reach the "inner student".


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